Help!!! I have ingrowns on my butt any advice on to quickly heal them and a good photo editing app for my iPhone (its11) I’m on BeautyPlus and it’s not helping any

Help!!! I have ingrowns on my butt any advice on to quickly heal them and a good photo editing app for my iPhone (its11) I’m on BeautyPlus and it’s not helping any


Dr Bronners Tea Tree castile soap seems like it may be working for me. And idk if snapseed is in the apple store but it blurs blemishes so dang goid


Oh shit ty I’m look


How bad is it? Trust me when I tell you these guys don't care. They actually prefer less makeup/no filters.


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Lol, as long as I don't look like I'm sporting a serious STD infection I just say fuck it half the time. 😂 But if I do want to cover blemishes I use the Airbrush app. It has an acne tool that is basically the Photoshop bandaid tool. It works really well.


Ask an aesthetician to remove the ingrowns for you - they'll probably have ideas on how they'll heal faster, too. I use a system called "Yionn" by a Dutch company after shaving that's suitable for all kinds of hair removal, it has two kinds of lotions (one cooling and soothing one for directly after the shave and one that you use every night so prevent ingrowns) and a peeling/scrub. It had helped me a lot regarding ingrowns and bumps on shaved areas. This might not be easy to order from outside the EU, but I'm pretty sure similar products are available internationally.


Peachy is free and looks pretty realistic to me. I use them on my ingrowns sometimes


There’s a cream I use called bumpEraiser or smth and it works over night on the worst ingrowns


I use the photo retouch app! It’s free and has an object remover tool that works great for blemishes(:


I have sensitive skin and can Only use baby wash and cocoa butter lotion. I had an issue with ingorwn hair bumps on my bikini area.. Add str8 tea tree oil to your body wash. Exfoliate! Rinse. Shaving? Use fresh blades (I use 2 brand new razors each shave) Repeat as necessary. After 20+ years of bumpy skin and outbreaks of ingrown hairs, this tea tree and exfoliating regimen cleared my skin right up! Results may vary!


KineMaster lets you blur! It’s a subtle way to get rid of body imperfections (I did it once for a razor scratch up my asscheek 😂)


ALSO I’m trying out this razor less shaving powder TODAY that has rave reviews so will update if you’re interested!!!


Ok ty and that would be grate I’m mixed and all my hair this this as hell lol


Try any product that contains tyrosinase Inhibitor ingredients ,azelaic acid, kojic acid,or Arbutin, for long term help at fixing an overproduction of melanin(hyperpigmentation) and an Aha or Bha product for exfoliating but make sure you for the love of God wear sunscreen.


omg they're the bane of my existence, i can't wear ANYTHING synthetic or else I'm covered in a rash of them. I've tried absolutely everything, EVERYTHING. here's how I manage them. salicylic acid wipes every morning and night. i use clearasil ones that contain alcohol, they're the best. they say they reduce the pimple size in 4 hours and they aren't wrong. if they're hella sore & inflamed, do a warm compress with salt water for 30 mins (you might have to reheat it a few times) + then I sterilise the area with the alcohol/salicylic acid wipe. every day, 5 mins before I shower, I suds up some salicylic acid clearasil face wash on my butt (and on any ingrowns) with a tiny bit of water, and then I leave it to soak in while I'm standing naked in the bathroom washing my face, brushing my teeth & brushing my hair. I make sure I don't wear anything that rubs the area. i pretty much never wear underwear n spend a lot of time in men's cotton boxer shorts & skirts. tea tree oil lotion used everyday helps with the bacteria, but I find that regularly using glycolic acid and/or salicylic acid + a light serum/lotion helps. retinol helps the scars heal really fast too. make sure to go with face products rather than petroleum based vitamin a, I use the ordinary retinol. also: don't bother with benzol peroxide. its effectiveness is the same as tea tree, but it bleaches everything it comes in contact with. rip my towels.


Thank y’all! I am looking into these tips! I will say I hardly go out side m, I mainly wear a robe and for the last 3 years this has been an issue however it’s was on my thighs I wash twice a day but I’m hairy as hell and my hair is thic as shit lol. I have tried panoxyl started to work but then stopped at the same time started to make my skin dark idk what in it that made that happy it idk I’ll start trying out what everyone said we’ll see what helps lol ty yall