Blizzard court documents exposing more shit that was happening

Blizzard court documents exposing more shit that was happening


Full document: https://aboutblaw.com/YJw


Jay Allen Brack has been keeping up with Afrasiabi's shit for a long time and who knows what else. Now I know why his hair has gone half white. At this point, you don't even know who is garbage in that company and who's not because they collectively participate in things like exchanging pictures of a woman's vagina, who's a subject to sexual harassment while everyone conscious of that, butt plugging her and so on... Then she committed suicide. Maybe it would be better to just shut down this corrupted place. There are too many of these kinds of people there and you don't know who is it + CEO has not changed anything and will not because the main interest is profit over people's life (quite literally) apparently. Who knows what they are still hiding there... I still remember when Chris Metzen left and said that he feels that he left the Blizzard in good hands. Didier is still part of a company I think, he must be disgusted and Mike Morhaime as well. Unforgivable.


I hate Twitter links. Just post the actual picture.


Jesus fucking christ this is disgusting. I’m done with Blizz.


Doesn't surprise me that it has become a toxic workplace with a greedy CEO like Bobby.




It's a legit legal document, it's been linked.


Sorry, not WoW player, but what Night Elves ask for? Boobs slider?


I assume you genuinely do not know that story and I will try to explain it in short. It started with the WoW team killing off several ingame characters that we liked in the Legion expansion. At the start of the expansion after that they burned our home - a world tree with our capital and some villages on it - which was basically the source of our immersion. They did it in a huge cinematic that became a meme for like 2 years. After that they kept gloryfying the villain responsible for this, blessing it with insane amounts of plot armor and they kept denying us vengeance and any real conclusion. They did create an avatar of vengeance and then in the current expansion they completely wasted it's potential. Instead for the whole current expansion they try to redeem the said villain by claiming this character was controlled by someone else that we just met recently. Needless to say how disappointing this is. Maybe now you might imagine what we have asked for. But that doesn't matter now, does it? At this point it's Just one more symptom of Blizzard's steady decline.


Thanks for explaining. Never played WoW so didn't know almost anything about it.


Suddenly all the white men hating women are starting to make a lot of sense...


maybe cis white men were a problem there. maybe the extremism of blizz gender experts on twitter were a product of their circumstances